Contact the president or secretary for general enquiries.  Members should contact the attendance officer to authorise absences from rehearsals.   The conductors are also members of the committee

James Garratt
Sophia Hurst

Sophia is a third-year music student studying composition and piano at the University of Manchester. After being a member of Chorus for two years she is so excited to be this year's president! She will be working with the committee to ensure that all rehearsals and concerts run smoothly. Sophia is always available to be contacted with any questions or queries you may have regarding Chorus.

Aoife Downey
Aoife is a first study singer, currently in her second year studying Music at the University of Manchester. Aoife also plays the piano and clarinet as part of her studies. She is thrilled to be selected as vice-president this year and will be supporting Sophia with the organisation of concerts, rehearsals and running the YouTube channel. 
Cody Fung

Cody is a second-year composition student at the University of Manchester. He will be in charge of administrative tasks such as minutes and the Chorus website.

Jotaro Takanohashi
Attendance Secretary

Jotaro Takanohashi is the attendance secretary for Chorus this year. He will be responsible for data handling and attendance monitoring as part of his role. As a first study tenor, he is looking forward to participating in some fantastic performances this year, especially the Verdi and improving his skills alongside the Chorus.

Jessica Kirton
Fundraising Officer

Jess is a second-year paediatric nurse with many years of experience in choirs and orchestras under her belt, as a clarinettist! This year, as fundraising officer, she will be planning ways in which we can raise funds for our great concerts, alongside working with the committee to ensure and amazing year for chorus!!!

Vivian Cheung
Programme Designer

Vivian is a second-year music student studying composition and performance in the University of Manchester. She looks forward to creating posters and programmes for Chorus, and working with the committee to make this a great year!  

Robin Peers
Cosmo Manager
Thomas Roberts
Ad Solem Manager
Laura Crooks
Ad Solem Vice Manager

Laura is a first study singer in her second year of studies, who will be assisting Tom in the running of Ad Solem (one of the chamber choirs). Alongside University music this year she will be a HeartEdge Manchester Choral Scholar and singing with the Mancunium Consort. Alongside singing, Laura plays the trombone, but aside from music she loves sports, and will continue to play Hockey for the University this year. 

Heather Steward
Associate Librarian

Heather has sung in university choirs since reading music at Newcastle and Edinburgh, and finally ending up in Manchester. She has been the librarian for Chorus for a good while and loves the role as an opportunity to meet all the singers. The workload happens largely out of term time - procuring the repertoire, then issuing, collecting in after the concert and returning (hopefully the entire set of)  copies to the hire sources. She looks forward to another successful year enjoying varied repertoire under Rob's skilful direction. In her spare time she enjoys volunteering at the local foodbank, honing her skills playing pickleball and delighting in keeping in touch with her 2 new baby grand daughters who with one beautiful smile can make the world seem a better place.

Malcolm Chapman
Honorary Co-opted Member

Malcom has served on the Chorus Committee for a number of years, as a Co-opted Member, and briefly as an Assistant Secretary. His role is to contribute to our organisation's "institutional memory" and to offer support to individual committee members as required.

Sandy Thomson

Sandy is a co-opted member of the committee, having had a number of roles over the years including Press and Publicity officer.  He's been singing with the chorus since he first arrived in Manchester in 1995, with his longevity supporting the committee in both an advisory and practical capacity.

The chorus provides him and many others with an outlet from the pressures of work, and an opportunity to sing and perform with a highly professional and enthusiastic group of students and musicians.  Rehearsals and concerts are the highlight of the working week.

In his spare time Sandy can be found running, spending time with his family and being a doctor.

Tim Hunsley

Tim Hunsley was a Manchester student in 1969-1972. He joined Chorus about 20 years ago and has been the Chorus Treasurer for 10 years. He is partnering alongside Mike Williams to step in as treasurers. He and Mike will be dealing with Chorus finances and in preparing annual accounts to be presented to the AGM. Despite being not proficient at IT, he is eager to jointly decide on the Chorus’ financial management.